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Welcome to Coaching at Sea! ⛵

Ship ahoy! Since the demand for the Sailing Experiences has been so great, we decided to start a blog/newsletter to inform you about the current offers and our plans.

Why is COACHING at sea so popular and interesting?

Closeness to nature

The sea and nature have a calming and inspiring effect on people. Being close to nature allows us to relax better and gain new perspectives.

Metaphors and symbolism

The sailboat and the sea offer many metaphors and symbolism that can be applied to life and personal development. Sailing, for example, requires planning, decision-making, adaptability and perseverance - all skills that are also important in personal and professional life.

Challenges and limitations

Sailing can confront us with challenges and limitations that we have to overcome. These experiences can help us recognize and expand our own limitations. Through coaching on the sailboat we learn to deal with uncertainties and build confidence in our abilities.

Focus and clarity

On the sailboat we are often cut off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and can concentrate fully on the coaching and our goals. The calm and clear environment of the sea can help us sharpen our focus and gain clarity about our goals and priorities.

Teamwork and communication

Sailing often requires teamwork and good communication. Through coaching on the sailboat we improve our teamwork and communication skills. We learn to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts and achieve goals together.

...and NO sailing experience is necessary!

What is COACHING at sea?

We offer three different experiences:

How long does an experience last?

The duration is always 4 days and 3 nights. However, individual experiences can also be offered depending on your needs. You can find the details HERE .

Where do the experiences take place?

  • Trogir / Croatia

  • Possibly also in Portugal and Mallorca (on request)

When do the next experiences start?

  • From April to October 2024! (booked up)

  • Inquiries for 2025 are already being accepted.

With this in mind, we look forward to your questions, comments and reservations.

Good luck,


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