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Our logbook

A logbook is the common form of recording the events of each passage in seafaring. It captures the daily maneuvers, events and operations similar to a diary or protocol

Our logbook is a summary of previous sailing experiences.


Leadersnet Experience

LEADERSNET was on board coach and consultant Robert Kovar. Why on board? Robert Kovar runs leadership and team experience seminars on sailing boats in Croatia. He reveals why he turned his "dream" into a career and what the "manager of the future" must be able to do in his interview.

C. Zsovinecz, GF Leadersnet

GATtermaran Experience

I have been working in cooperation with Robert Kovar for many years as a former client, top manager and trainer and appreciate his high level of leadership and team experience. With his sailing experiences, he offers an excellent intervention for self-awareness and further professionalization of personal leadership behavior. I was able to be part of this great experience and see how I have benefited enormously in my leadership behavior.

B. Gattermeyer, Principal Partner ARGO


CCFA Experience

In contrast to standard training courses, there are challenges provided by nature as well as adventure and fun. Managers who want to be (even) more successful professionally like to use leadership workouts. All those who see the offer of standard training courses as not enough of a challenge or who do not expect enough progress from them will find a suitable alternative in Robert Kovar's coaching.  

BEAUTIFUL Experience

Robert is an excellent skipper with a lot of experience and sensitivity in sailing. He is characterized by high motivational power and human values. A week with him in the Adriatic, whether with friends/family or as a company team, is an unforgettable experience.

C. Schön, GF  Immo-Solutions


FB2 Experience

For our management team, the experience was an unforgettable experience. In addition to the first sailing skills, Robert gave us the tools and exercises to improve our leadership skills and new perspectives for our strategy. 

He sparked the passion in us.

E. Bors, GF AFS


Extraordinary surroundings with extraordinary opportunities to experience yourself and others. With his Experience Days on the high seas, Robert Kovar creates a successful combination of self-awareness and team building. In a short time, the whole team has the chance to gain lots of new ideas for working together. I really enjoyed my time on board and was able to get involved even though I'm not a sailor. Exciting and educational days in a beautiful landscape.

I. Seer, Executive Coach



As a hotelier, I have always followed my own path, which has made Altstadt Vienna an exceptional and successful company. With quality of life not only for our guests but also for all employees and myself! Success always needs new impulses, which is what we sought and gained here on a sailing trip in Croatia.

Our skipper Robert, as always excellent, drew exciting parallels between sailing, leadership and organization and knew how to challenge us and promote team spirit

The weather offered everything from rain, storms and rough seas to lovely summery. Sunsets in dream bays with wonderful food. The conversations were just as varied as the weather. From current economic topics to very entertaining conversations.

O.E.Wiesenthal, GF Hotel Altstadt


The sailing trip with Robert was an exciting and extraordinary experience for our group.

We were not only able to expand our sailing horizons, but also gain many positive experiences as a team.

Cooperation, reliability and mutual trust are essential qualities not only on a boat but also in professional life as the basis for a functioning partnership.

As a very experienced skipper and coach, Robert creates a motivating atmosphere in every situation with his relaxed and sensitive approach.

But there is never too much fun and there is enough time to enjoy the wonderful bays and the excellent taverns. Robert is an expert here too.

A unique week that we don't want to miss. 

M. Wollner, GF gemdatnoe




A night trip to Hvar sharpens the SENSES.

This time it was entrepreneurs, board members and managing directors from various areas of the economy. An interesting and exciting MIX. 

In addition to the exchange on the current economic and political situation, leadership sailing was also not neglected.

"Thanks to the experienced skipper who made this experience a successful training trip. We had a good atmosphere, a lot of fun and benefited enormously!" MK, Managing Director

"It was my first time sailing and combined with leadership. A great experience, a lasting memory for sure. It was exciting, interesting and always funny." BL, chartered accountant


A team experience is, as the name suggests, not an individual trip and certainly not a pleasure trip, but an excursion into a world in which we can make visible for a few days, hours and moments a state that accompanies us every day. For a few days, under Robert's careful, clear, but extremely loving leadership, we lived the TEAM idea in which the focus was not on: Great someone else has power, but rather: Total commitment from all employees. And what is the most important thing if everyone should, must and, above all, is allowed to get involved? That everyone is seen, is in the right place, has the right tools, can use them and feels challenged and supported in the task.

And that's exactly where our days on board with Robert took us, we were able to experience a teaser of ourselves, what we can be when we take our place and act accordingly. We have taken a big step together, overcome boundaries, found our voice, opened our hearts and know that Robert will continue to support us in a great way.

So there is still a lot ahead of us, but what we have achieved so far motivates us and we know that the next experience with Robert is coming! Ahoy!

Peter H, CEO


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