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Discover your true potential!

Our goal is to achieve performance for the organization, develop performance potential and generate a higher level of relaxation and joy for people.

Today's "VUCA" - "BANI" world spares neither managers nor strategies in organizations. Findings, experiences, recipes for success – everything is put to the test. There is no longer one right path or ultimate leadership tool.

In times of digitalization, disruption and agility, it is more important than ever to pay attention to people. Resilience is a topic of the present and future. It is the people who make organizations successful. Only if each individual can contribute their personal talents and achievements will the entire organization, satisfaction and thus the success of the company grow.​


credit: Stephan Grabmeier

Das Team wird unter Anleitung von erfahrenen Skippern und Business Coaches in den verschiedensten Skills für Führungskräfte trainiert.


Under the safe guidance of experienced sailing trainers and business coaches, you will take on different roles as crew and strengthen your skills that are crucial for you as a leader and your team's success.

  • Learn to embrace change, new environments and different challenges

  • Flexibly adjust goals, change course directions, and take on new roles

  • Build trust, motivate a team and create commitment

  • Development of an open and direct feedback culture in line with the principles of RADICAL CANDOR

  • Ongoing optimization of performance


Coming from different companies or organizations, you will take on different roles on the open sea under the safe guidance of experienced sailing trainers and business coaches. You will develop and strengthen skills that are decisive for your and your team's success:

  • Make decisions quickly

  • Flexible adjustment of goals and course direction

  • Overcoming personal boundaries and acting in situations without prior experience

  • Ongoing optimization of performance

  • Resilience despite challenging conditions and environment

Führungskräfte von verschiedenen Unternehmen, bzw. mit ihren Teams werden unter Anleitung erfahrener Business Coaches auf diverse Skills trainiert.

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